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List of Coworking Spaces in Lagos

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Coworking spaces in Lagos are fast becoming a trend but very few Lagosians are aware of this trends, despite the amazing benefits shared office spaces brings to entrepreneurs and start-ups allowing them access to valuable resources, skills, knowledge, and infrastructure at a minimal cost.

Technology and skill sets has tremendously changed the way we operate and think. Working remotely is now seen as the productive way to work, especially millennial employees who are basking in the flexibility of working in a vibrant and less formal settings, thus, coworking spaces are quickly becoming the new norm for remote employees, statistics show that more than one million people will work in shared office spaces in 2017. Hence, the need to share information about this new and rising trends, to serve as a directory for coworking spaces in infographics.

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  1. There are a lot of coworking spaces in Lekki not mentioned here. There’s V8, Hexagon, Lean Hub and Innovation hub all not mentioned on the list.

    • administrator

      Thanks George for the information. We would work to get those hubs on the list.

  2. Don

    One co-working space is missing on this list. Good ambiance, great facilities and located on the mainland. It’s a new though and worthy of mention. Check it out here…

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