5 Qualities of what makes Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Growing up, I always envied my uncle who went to work whenever he pleased,  took trips to cool places all in the name of business, had late nights with pizza and ice cream for dinner,  the icing on the cake, a beautiful purple crosstour that seemed to stand out wherever it strode.

This was the exciting part I saw and fell in love with.

I didn’t see the sleepless nights, endless meetings, meetings on the way to other meetings, days there was no “salary”, hefty loans with unimaginable interest rates standing on a thin strand of hope for the success of the business, keeping up with trends and updates from phone IOS to latest trends in the industry, shit load of phone calls and a pocket full of business cards, the rigours of pitching ideas, hustling for contracts, angel investments and turning one shop to a mega franchise.

All these, my friend, are beautiful traits that constitute the DNA of an entrepreneur, the actual life of an entrepreneur.

 “Success is failure turned inside out. If you are afraid to fail, you’ll never succeed.” CEO, Douglas Elliman, Dorothy Herman

Becoming an entrepreneur is more than attending conferences, wearing jeans and blazers, getting a salary that is independent of the 31st of the month, or deciding where you work from.

How do you measure success?

Is it by the number of followership, the increased knowledge base, the millions being churned in as revenue. It is more about the look of content when your product or app is making someone’s life less difficult.

The reason some entrepreneurs stand out while some return to the corporate life almost as soon as they get out of it.

Here are some of the reasons we think some entrepreneurs stand out while others don’t.


Today, young entrepreneurs, a.k.a. millennial want praise and recognition for doing what’s required of them, and what everybody else does.

Everybody wakes up early, works extra hours and has a passion.

The difference maker is in the silent deeds. What can you do that others aren’t willing to do?

It’s often said you work 9 – 5 for survival, everything after that is the real investment in your future.

The true test of your value in your work place is not measured by your 9am – 9pm, but on the icing on the cake you put in, the attention to detail, the extra mile.


It is impossible to grow, learn and become the person needed to reach the million mark without an exceptional network behind you.

Success rises and falls on who you associate with so make sure you stay aware of your surroundings. You can systematize a lot of things, but you can’t systematize time, so make sure you’re always spending it with the right people.

All successful entrepreneurs and thriving millennial focus 100 percent on their best skills and strengths. Successful entrepreneurs realize they’ll never become wealthy trading time for money.

Millennials clearly value networks, and most time 80% of the success of your work comes from a great network starting a business.

Yes, be humble, but don’t kiss ass on the road to building strong networks. It is a silent rule that originated somewhere, somehow, that you need kiss ass, lick feet’s, to get to the top. Let’s backup a little, it is a LIE.


Before now, you were only concerned with how to manage your salary, or your income from a steady source.

As an entrepreneur, your concern is heightened a notch as you are now bothered about every penny and kobo that comes into your account.

It is very important to have a separate account for your business and another for your savings

There are bills inside bills and bills you didn’t know existed, as an entrepreneur, you need to be able to find a balance and be prudent about all things money related, have a spending tracker, a budget that you abide.

On the cool side, as an entrepreneur you could make about a million or more from a month’s work and so feel like taking that long deserved trip to the Bahamas. But be careful with the spending as it takes structure and discipline to not eat your future whilst you can still work hard.


Everyone has a great idea and everyone thinks they are worthy to be an entrepreneur, but to be a great entrepreneur, you must think beyond the profit you can get from the idea or the business and more in the direction of the service you can render.

Is the product good enough; is it what your target audience needs; Does it have a long valuable life span to serve both you and your customer?

This is very important to the business as it is to the consumer because a good entrepreneur knows the value of customer service and good product.


As a budding entrepreneur, getting a loan from the bank or getting an investor to fund your business requires more than having collateral, or having connections in high places.

The word entrepreneur is being redefined by the many things that surround the title and as such, it is always good for an entrepreneur to be trustworthy.

We hope you were able to pick a thing or two from this post?

Please share your thoughts, are you an entrepreneur, which of these things is working for you?

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