In the words of Rahul Prakash, partner at Hatch Today, he said “The word coworking won’t be a word in the future; it will probably just be the way we work.” 

The world has evolved from the regular mind set of counting building costs or infrastructural costs when considering starting a business. Coworking space have revolutionized the idea behind office space and are fast becoming the Big Apple of office spaces. There is only so much you can spend on coffee at your favourite Café Neo or M&Bs.

If you can’t say words like fun, community, partner, collaborate, happy, when your coworking space comes to mind, then maybe it isn’t fulfilling its purpose just yet.


With the introduction of coworking (shared office space), shared desks, and virtual offices, working couldn’t be any more convenient for the 21s century entrepreneur.  Autonomy and work-life balance has now bested the normal – traditional office rule. The term coworking has not been fully engrained into the hearts of a lot of workers. It is still in its infancy but has enough room for consistent growth.

Whilst it is a steep market growth curve which is very dependent on monthly subscription or membership dues, there is a positive chance of it gradually becoming the millennial work environment, which is where the world is headed today.


Coworking offers more than an office space; it is the new modernized way of working, the rush of techies, entrepreneurs, and creative minds concentrated in one space, the environment offers a personable, soft and young feel that gives you all the good juices you need to get things done. Not to mention the ton of networking that goes in a coworking facility within a day or during a meet-up.

Corporate organizations are also on the rave about this new model, as most of their employees work from home, or shared spaces and probably do not need to be physically present every day of the week, in such cases, the company gets a shared desk for such people.

So many advantages attached to the coworking space,

Coworking spaces have budget-friendly, custom-fit models to fit various business requests, and also assist in scaling businesses, whether it’s a small and medium sized business or a start-up, getting a coworking space can be a great way to grow and expand your business.

Real estate and land owners have started to incorporate coworking facilities for rent to their business scheme as a means of gaining more profitability and exposure.

The sole aim of coworking is to maximize productivity, collaboration and community amongst members as is the goal of LeadSpace, a coworking facility in the heart of Nigeria.

The future of work is growing beyond the walls of a soft and personable building to a one size fits all environment where security, affordability, network, scalable growth and opportunities for spontaneous collaboration become the order of the day.

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