6 Tips to Overcoming Low Motivation When Working Remote

Working remotely (basically working from home) can be challenging; so is staying motivated and productive. Self-motivation and discipline is a critical component of remote work, with most organizations adopting either remote or hybrid work, staying motivated and increasing output is paramount.

According to one survey, 91% percent of employees say they have experienced moderate to extreme stress while working from home; in most cases, this results in decreased output levels.

These tips will help you stay motivated and increase productivity levels while working from home.

Declutter your home office

A clean workspace means employees working from home will be motivated to work; when employees declutter, it creates a positive atmosphere that allows for focus and leads to increased output.

Create a schedule

Working when you do not feel like, is what distinguishes high-achieving professionals from everyone else; this can also help overcome procrastination. Motivation is personal; What gets you going might not do anything for me. Creating a structured schedule with time for frequent breaks has proven to be effective; according to the Harvard business 

Limit distractions with Music

Stress and distraction are the first killers of motivation,  research suggests that listening to music can improve efficiency, creativity, and happiness in terms of work-related tasks. music is a neurological tool that helps change mindset and mood.

Take short breaks

It is hard to work to the fullest when drained of energy; this can decrease motivation to work. It is usually best to take regular short breaks, talk with relatives, eat, rest the mind and stretch the body; this helps reduce stress and increase motivation for continuity.

Challenge yourself

Getting motivated usually requires the extra push; this can help discover yourself; challenging yourself helps with time management. Challenging yourself provides the extra incentive you need.

Reward Yourself

A little incentive can often go a long way toward helping you get work done efficiently; this tool can be an accountability tool to ensure productivity. 

If you are still having a hard time motivating yourself to work from home, consider stepping into a coworking space. Most coworking spaces offer a clean, calm and conducive work environment that creates the perfect incentive to work in an exciting yet relaxing way. We created this resource for you: The ultimate guide to Lagos coworking space.

We’re also here to help you stay healthy, productive, and motivated to remain productive, no matter how you choose to work. For further information, reach us on WhatsApp or email (info@theleadspace.co).

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