I know you have read a lot of post trying to figure out what the rich knows and constantly wants to keep secret. This is because our curious minds would never lets us rest and we are sure there is something they know and do, that they never want anyone to find out.

Think about it, why are they getting richer?, it must be some simple strategy or just a way of thinking. This article explains what they know and never want to tell anyone.

  • They Spend Less Than They Earn

Well you might be wondering, why would someone make so much money and spend just a few bucks?. Look at it this way, If you have 100,000 naira coming in every month and your expenses ranges between 120,000 to 150,000 naira, then you are (–ve) for that month which means you are in debt. If you want to be rich and stay rich, you would need to watch your expenses and make sure you are spending less than you earn. It takes a lot of discipline but it sure can be done.

  • They Understand Value Over Cost

In as much as they like to cut their coats according to their clothes, they understand value and know that value is way more important than cost. The rich would pay anything to get value. For instance, they would prefer to fly to Abuja and back to Lagos in a day rather than using the road, not because he wants to show people that he is rich but because he understands that time is very valuable to him and wouldn’t waste 12 hours on the road travelling to Abuja. This simply means he’s using money to buy time.

  • They Use Other People’s Money

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Have you ever heard of OPM? this simply means “Other People’s Money”. Yes! The fact is they use my money, your money, your mum’s money, iya bashira’s money and any other person’s money you can think of. This is just the way it is and that’s why they can do a lot more and always stay rich. You should learn ways to use other people’s money to get things done, but remember if you are using this strategy, make sure you show exactly how things would pan out because bullshit happens.

  • They Put Their Plans In Writing

I am a person who use to think I can remember everything you say or tell me while having a conversation but ever since I read “Goals” by Brian Tracy, I have discovered I remember much more after a conversation just because I took few notes. This is what happens when you write your goals or plans. Its certain you would remember and if you don’t, all you need to do is pick the note up and be sure to refresh your memory everytime. A written plan shows clear and measurable goals.


       “Any road would get you there, if you don’t know where you are going” – Lewis Caroll


The rich are always focused on their goals and they could only achieve it by writing out their plans and sticking to it. It’s a practice you should indulge yourself in and you would surely see a better you.

  • They Have Multiple Streams Of Income

Having multiple revenue stream of income is a safe way to your financial freedom. It is estimated that the rich have atleast 3 streams of income in their portfolio. You can learn from Pauline Paquin on how she created about 15 streams of income for herself. Even the Bible said more than 3 streams watered the garden of eden to emphasize the importance of multiple revenue.

  • They Are Not As Smart As You Think

The rich know they are not as smart as you think and because they have a very good way of hiding it, you may never find out. They always know how to build great teams with great leadership skills. Building a team can be a very tedious job for most entrepreneurs but if you want to be rich and stay rich you would need to study the art of team building. I would recommend you read “Leadership BS” by Jeffery Pfeffer a great book to enhance your team building and leadership skills.

  • They Build and Value Relationships

You would often hear, your network, is your networth. This is always true because, to have a rich networth, you must monitor how you spend your time and who you spend it with. The rich understands this phenomenon, so they spend their time with people that keeps them informed and also improve on the way they think. Tips on building a good relationship includes, you learn how to listen and understand people, Trust people, Be honest about your feeling and give! give!! give!!!. 5 Ways To Build Better Relationships With Everyone. The way to go up is to give up.

  • They Know Patience Is A Virtue

Increasingly, it feels as if impatience dominates our lives in subtle and troubling ways. That inability to endure discomfort is growing worse, as technology speeds up our lives. That feeling you get when a web page takes 45 seconds to load. It’s even worse, when you have to wait months for a proposal you submitted to get approved. The rich understands that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Patience simply means you don’t stress yourself out with a behavior that gets nothing done for you. Always understand that great things takes time.

  • They Eat and Stay Healthy

The greatest wealth is health and that’s why health is a primary concern to the rich. They go for regular checkups even when nothing is wrong with them.


“Take care of your body, is the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn


To keep your body in good health is of utmost importance. If you want to enjoy life and your hard earned money, it’s just wise to live healthy. To stay healthy, you would need to maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Remember, we only live once!


What other things do you think the rich knows and never want anyone to find out, please do share in the comment section below. If after reading this article, it has made you a better you, why not share with your friends. 

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