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Coworking office space in Lagos are fast becoming a trend but Lagosians by default still find it preferable to locate a fast-food restaurant or for some people a coffee shop to do their business meetings or quick transactions as the case may be however, differentiating between setting up a traditional office, using a coffee shop or using a coworking office space for your business, there’s a lot to consider to make the best decisions.

No doubt, if you are an entrepreneur in Nigeria, you know you are up for some very lonely up-hill climb…reminds me of when God stuffed Elijah with food because ‘the journey’ was ‘far’.

Yes, I hear you: if the distance were the only thing to consider then maybe it wouldn’t necessarily be that bad; but, here, the distance is only one element: the fact that the trip is made over untarred (no proper support system for entrepreneurs), un-cleared (poor infrastructure), bumpy (unfavourable policies), nail infested (security, political, and talent management challenges) road makes it even scarier.

The high cost of rent is just one of those ills: you have to pay a full year’s rent if you are lucky, otherwise you have to settle with paying for two. You have to also pay agency and legal fees, then caution. Oh, don’t forget you have to remodel the place 9/10 times, and after that, you have to furnish it, what’s left? Nothing! There goes 50-60% of your capital; or, if unlucky, your idea.

Our resolve is strong, once we are determined to do something, who can stop us? No one! Not even the security men at KFC,TFC or Four Points dare. So we shower, pack our bags and head to the nearest coffee shop…buy a cup and drink it all day…or at least make sure the empty cup plays host to our table all day.

Cheap! Smart!! But what are the drawbacks? Unless you really have no shame, you can’t keep doing that. You also can’t do it more than twice in a roll with your team of 3,4; and you certainly can’t hold a loud brain-storm session. Also, unless you have no manners, every time you/your team makes a discomforting move, you have to ensure you apologize to that fine gentle man at the next table who’s trying so hard to put together his pitch deck; NO! It doesn’t matter that it’s Monday morning. And NO! It’s not your business either!!

Dude! Just stop working like a homeless, and get some office space at the nearest co-working office space to you!”

The benefits? You get to not do all of the tings listed above AND you get to make long-lasting professional connections with other ‘co-spacers’.

And by the way, you pay daily or monthly; no legal, no agency, no, caution, no full year payment.

Wise up.

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