Passion Incubator Launches Coworking Space

Nigeria recently celebrated her 56th year anniversary amidst mixed feelings. Rightly so, as the country recently slumped into a recession. In this environment, unemployment will undoubtedly trend upwards as most companies are retrenching and cutting staff strength to manage expenses.

As we look into the future, there seems to be ray of hope; young Nigerians are not giving up as they rise above the obvious uncertainties and identify untapped opportunities across all sectors. The recent visits of Mark Zuckerberg and the Y Combinator team validates this uptick in entrepreneurial energy.

With this positive news comes a note of caution. Starting a business takes a lot more that tall dreams and can-do attitude. In reality, the ability to see the idea to fruition will be the single biggest different maker. Our young entrepreneurs must learn to execute.  This will involve them finding a way around fundamental issues like inadequate financing support, unfavorable or indifferent government policies, high set up cost driven by expensive real estate and data prices etc.

How do we create the right environment for entrepreneurs across the nation? How do we replicate the limited successes attained in places like Yaba Lagos across every other city across Nigeria? For instance, entrepreneurs in Ilorin Kwara should have as good a shot at success as those in Yaba Lagos.

In light of this reality and the fact that Nigeria has been identified as one of the most expensive places in the world to live and work, Passion Incubator (PI) has decided to leverage its experience in the Nigerian entrepreneurship ecosystem to solve this yearning problem. Today, PI is pleased to announce the launch of a spinoff business unit – LeadSpace. Through a shared cost model, the co-working space provides users (individual or corporate) world class office facilities and amenities at a fraction of the cost.

LeadSpace is an alternative commercial real estate business with the sole aim of creating shared infrastructure for entrepreneurs and founders of small and medium size businesses, middle level corporate executives, freelancers and content creators. PI plans to grow LeadSpace into the single largest network shared office facilities in Nigeria. From location #1 at #70 Olonode Street Yaba Lagos, LeadSpace plans to quickly launch more locations before the end of the year.

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