Why coworking makes your work smarter instead of harder

More than one million people will work in coworking spaces in 2017

Technology has exploded and skill sets has tremendously increased. Working remotely is now seen as the productive way to work, especially millennial employees who are reveling in the flexibility of working in a vibrant and less formal settings, thus, coworking spaces are quickly becoming the new norm for remote employees, statistics show that more than one million people will work in coworking space in 2017

The flexibility that comes with working in a coworking space is enough reason why your work would be less difficult but smarter.

See for yourself:

 Proper Office Settings

No matter how well you arrange your home office or maybe you prefer a coffee shop or a restaurant, nothing compares to having a specifically designed place for work projects. Especially if you have a team that needs multiple desks and you want to have a brainstorming session, strategic meetings with a prospective client or investor. You sure need a proper office space which in turn promotes productivity.

Meaningful Relationships

A coworking space is more than just a physical office where you have your computers, printers and marker board plus files. It’s a place you can get to meet motivated individuals that love to work hard and network.

You also get to meet people with the exact skills or products you need for your own growth and this comes at almost free because of the collaborative spirit that exist within a coworking space.

Increased Productivity

With coworking you have access to a community that spans different industries, disciplines, and demographics which is an incredibly attractive prospect, not just to sell to, but it also reinvigorates and refreshes a team’s dynamic
Companies can easily step into a space that fosters community, collaboration, and enables people to focus on doing their jobs.

I know folks who say to me how challenging it can be working from home, one of them gave me an example of how he never accomplishes most of his tasks working at home and that the few tasks he ever concludes on, are never perfect, just because he isn’t focused at home. If you work from home, you must admit: it’s hard to get motivated.

Don’t you just find yourself yearning for a dedicated space to get some work done?

Catering Services

With a coworking space you get some of your errands delivered for you, so that you can focus mainly on your tasks. You are served with coffee and your meals are delivered to you. Your mouth will start watering when you hear about the amenities found in most coworking spaces, from the basics, like water dispenser and microwaves, to elegant additions, like beer taps and coffee machines, you’ll feel right at home when you need an afternoon break.

Free Beer

The words free beer always comes with a pre-requisite like “buy 2 get one free” however, with coworking spaces series of events are always lined up with loads of beer and other drinks. For instance, there’s LeadSpace Happy Hour where registration is free. Just come and play, network and drink-up.

If you are a member of any coworking space, you can contribute to this list, share your coworking experience.


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