What you need to know as an Introvert in a Coworking space

‘All I need is a quiet space and fast internet?’

It’s important to remember that coworking is a spectrum of spaces with different environments, cultures, and people.

According to studies, it’s believed that introverts are around 40% of people.  Unfortunately, the image of coworking spaces is wildly active places with constant conversation and can be intimidating & off-putting to these introverts. With about 50 members seats, typically there are around 35 plus individuals happily coworking here each day.

While giving a tour last week to a quiet guy, he mentioned that he lives in the neighborhood and he’s interested in getting out of the house because he just resigned from his paid job and wanted to start his own company after sitting at home for two months.  He was familiar with the coworking concept and had checked out our website, so we began the tour.  I started the tour in the lounge side of our facility where music is usually playing and conversations are taking place.  He quickly let me know that he wants to work in a quieter space, I said ‘No Worries” and we headed into the quieter room.

He was an introvert and didn’t want a lot of activity but he wanted to be around people and get out of the house because his productivity at home was always ended the moments he enters into the kitchen to have a meal, which in-turn makes him sleep off.

Introverts may like their quiet time, but they still want to be a part of a community, attend events and meet awesome people.

coworking introverts

How introverts cowork:

  • Work in quiet rooms for moments of solitude.
  • Many coworking spaces have a dedicated room or portioned off area without music and fewer conversations.
  • Use Headphones.
  • Headphones do two things 1) Let you listen to some pretty sweet jams. 2) Signal to others not to bother you.
  • You don’t have to do everything.
  • Coworking is a community workspace with several events happening each week but it’s not essential to partake in every activity, participating in a few events per month can be rewarding.
  • While you work, move around the spaces in many different hot desking areas. Try out a different spot each week. It’s an easy way to meet new people, but still control your work environment.

Coworking is an open community with introverts, extroverts, and dozens of people that swing between them. Try out different spaces, different rooms, and happy coworking.

Are you an introvert/extrovert? what other things do you think we left out, please do share in the comments section below. If after reading this article, it gave you another view about coworking, why not share with your friends

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