Customer satisfaction, the crux of any business

Being able to have satisfied customers should be the primary objective of any business. Ayomide Lasaki is the head of Marketing at Blueloop and flux, which helps users make or receive payments with or without the internet, he speaks about his work and how he has leveraged technology to deliver quality customer service experience. This article is the second of a three multi-part series. Check out part 1.

I am Ayomide Lasaki, Head of marketing at Flux and I love working, being active and getting things done

What skills did you have to learn or what skills did you have that enabled you attain this height?  

In my opinion, there are some skills that are general, and some are specific. I had to learn some skills that made me very efficient in my role at Blueloop. I also cherish hardwork and togetherness as a team. I had to take up some courses and read voraciously.  I use several tools to make me effective at work. My role at flux is focused on acquiring users, managing and acquiring users, retaining users, speaking with users and being able to creatively position our brand for scale. I use Google tools such as docs, sheet, etc. I also  use notion,  Calendly, and zoom.

What motivates you to work hard?

The shared goal to do something meaningful, build something important, being able to contribute my quota in what you believe the future should be.

What do you love most about your team?

There is this thing that we all take pride in our team, we bootstrapped our way to the top. We have been able to evolve through the years. We have had our fights, we’ve quarreled, we’ve also had fun times together, I just like the fact that over the years, we share this common drive to want to do great stuff and to want to be great people, I just like our bond, I like our spirit to work and our attitude to work also.

What’s your advice to young people?

Find a way to know what your thing is. Everyone has what they are unique at. There are things you do and you feel excited about, it may not be specific or it may not be very defined, so my advice would just be for young people to find whatever it is that makes you feel aligned with purpose, and just keep on pushing and keep aiming to be the best. 

What opportunities have you identified globally?

At the moment, we have access to the internet, to connect with people globally. There are people who have done or are doing what you want to do, which to an extent has given an opportunity for young people in this generation with the pool of resources available to utilize. It then becomes a function of how best people are able to leverage these opportunities and connections. 

A public figure but who inspires you?

Elon Musk

Final words?

We had very audacious goals when we started till this very moment. We were consistent and kept working hard toward attainment of our goals. So whatever it is that anybody finds themselves to do, if it’s worth doing at all then it’s worth doing well. If you are able to convince yourself that you should do something, then do it well. 

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