In line with the Ministry of Health’s Vision to attain excellence in health service delivery by applying best practices at all levels of care, Hub One partnered Techuncode #ForAGreaterLagos on a discourse titled ‘’Shaping the future of health, healthcare and wellness’’

Dr.Wale Adeosun, CEO Wellvis emphasized that the future of Healthcare is basically shaping up in front of our eyes with companies such as Oncopadi and Call A Physio doing things we couldn’t do ten years ago and with advances in digital technology generally. Still speaking he stated that much impact hasn’t been made because of the nascent of the industry but he emphasized the need to familiarize with the latest technology development in order to put the technology into our services and actions within the healthcare space.  He concluded by iterating on how the future of healthcare should be patients empowerment and knowledge of healthcare services and products.

Dr. Adaorah Momodu,  Co-founder Oncopadi technolgies iterated that the future of healthcare and in getting to that future lies in data, with data of patients we can get to a point where we can predict patient behavior and predict certain disease conditions before they start, the future is where we get to a point where we can precisely predict and intervene using data gathered overtime.

Dr.Emmanuel Osiniake (P.T) Call A Physio spoke extensively on the future of healthcare which lies in access to quality health care where the government has to be innovation driven with public private partnerships along with long term investments in quality broadband for internet access which will begin the quality solutions as it is critical to access health care that is driven by data.    

Joshua Okpata (Venture Partner, MEST Africa) questioned the panelists on the policy recommendations for the Lagos state government in improving the state of healthcare at the very basic level. For Dr.Emmanuel Osinaike proper training of healthcare workers across all the government hospitals and ensuring that basic ailment treatments be moved from tertiary institutions to primary healthcare centers with proper training of the healthcare workers would go a long way in shaping the future of health in Lagos state. For Dr. Adaorah Momodu a recommendation that should be included should be cancer screening services, health screening services and an affordable plan for these services to go across primary health centers even the general hospitals. Cancer screening services will influence and drive affordable medical health check up. For Dr. Wale Adeosun the Government would need to improve and drive the mandatory implementation of health insurance for citizens and the benefits that come with it.    

In concluding, Joshua Okpata asked the panelists to itemize their challenges and resolutions for the EHINGBETI Lagos Summit .

  • Dr. Adaorah Momodu centered around patients empowerment and collaborations amongst all stakeholders and also the bureaucracy of accessing health care as a challenge 
  • Dr Emmanuel Osiniake  centered on Poor budgeting and a low patient to professional ratio which he termed as the worst in the world with a massive increase in brain drain, a challenge in the health system.
  • Wale Adeosun state the inability of people to pay for health service which emphasizes the need for insurance in the sector as a challenge

Nonyelim Okolie, COO at Leadspace by Passion Incubator  expresses here excitement about hosting this conversation on the Future of healthcare with Hub One being a great ecosystem for tech start-ups, designed to foster collaboration and drive creativity within Nigeria’s tech start-up ecosystem. Nonyelim affirmed her belief in the power of Public private partnerships to encourage sporadic growth in creating infrastructure to help citizens and improve quality healthcare service delivery.  She said “ There are several private healthcare institutions and Health Tech startups innovating and creating disruptive solutions for the Healthcare space. These innovators can collaborate with the government to scale, which can benefit a critical mass of citizens. This informed our selection of the speakers for this conversation ahead of the Ehingbeti Summit”.  

Present at the event were Segun Akinleye, Arinola Gelor and other staff of Techuncode as well as Patrick Igwe Communications and partnerships Manager of Leadspace by Passion Incubator, Managers of (Hub One by FCMB)

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