Passion Incubator Partners with IBM to Deliver an Awareness Workshop on IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Platform for Businesses in Nigeria.

IBM Invests $70 Million to Bring Digital Skills to Africa by Launching “Digital – Nation Africa”: with Free, Watson-Powered Skills Platform for 25 million people

IBM is investing $70 million in building much-needed digital, cloud, and cognitive IT skills to help support a 21st century workforce in Africa. The initiative, “IBM Digital – Nation Africa”, provides a cloud-based learning platform designed to provide free skills development programs for up to 25 million African youths over five years, enabling digital competence and nurturing innovation in Africa.

For the youth of Africa to be able to benefit from a cognitive future there’s a  need for much higher level of digital literacy. Developers needs to know how to create solutions that can leverage the power of cognitive, and entrepreneurs who are aware of the potential. IBM Digital – Nation Africa is designed to help raise overall digital literacy, increase the number of skilled developers able to tap into cognitive engines and enable entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs grow businesses around the new solutions.

Through a free, cloud-based online learning environment delivered on IBM Bluemix, the premier cloud platform for business, the initiative will provide a range of programs from basic IT literacy to highly sought-after advanced IT skills including social engagement, digital privacy, and cyber protection.

Advanced users will be able to explore career-oriented IT topics including programming, cybersecurity, data science and agile methodologies, as well as important business skills like critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The initiative aims to empower African citizens, entrepreneurs, and communities with the knowledge and tools to design, develop, and launch their own digital solutions.

This will help entrepreneurs and developers understand which current Bluemix solutions best meet their needs and refine their idea to help them design a solution that has greatest market potential.

IBM® Bluemix® is IBM’s innovative cloud computing platform that offers a choice of scalable and flexible compute and deployment models, with one consistent experience. By combining platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Bluemix offers a rich and consistently expanding ecosystem of IBM, 3rd party and powerful open source services to accelerate the pace of business.

Why Bluemix?

With Bluemix, you no longer have to make large investments in hardware to build, test out or even run a new app. Instead, we manage it all for you, so that you can take an idea from inception, to development sandbox, to a globally distributed production environment in record time. (That’s right – you can go live in minutes!).

Bluemix would help you build, test, deploy, run and manage all types of applications, spanning:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications (Both Native & Hybrid)
  • Big Data/ Analytics
  • Cognitive (Artificial Intelligence & beyond)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Social Media
  • Blockchain
  • API Economy

Already got apps? No problem. You can extend new value-adding capabilities to your existing apps wherever they are (on-premise or in the cloud)

Passion Incubator is set to partner with IBM to deliver an awareness workshop on IBM Bluemix Cloud Computing Platform for developers to up-scale their skills and seize all the benefits inherent within this platform.

Venue: Leadspace (70 Olonode street, Alagomeji Yaba Lagos)

Date/Time: Thursday, April 6th by 4:00pm

Target Group: Software Developers, Digital Explorers, Digital Innovators, New Collar Jobs and Startups.

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