Apply for the 1776 Challenge Cup for funding and a trip to New York!!!

Join Leadspace, in partnership with 1776 and Revolution, on August 25, 2017 for Challenge Cup Lagos, where 15-20 startups will pitch for the chance to win a paid trip to New York City for the Global Final round of Challenge Cup!

Challenge Cup is a worldwide tournament for the most promising, innovative startups to win prizes, make connections, and share their vision on a global stage. This year, 1776 is partnering with 75 cities to host Challenge Cup Local events, and Leadspace is excited to host the competition for Lagos’ top startups!

One winner will advance with a free trip to the Global Finals at Challenge Festival in New York City from November 13-17, 2017. There, the finalists will compete for the grand prizes as well as spend time with the investors, customers, media and other key connections that can help them succeed on a global scale.

Interested in attending Challenge Cup Lagos? RSVP today to see startups from your area in action!

Want your startup to compete in Challenge Cup Lagos? Apply to compete.

About LeadSpace

LeadSpace is an alternative commercial real estate business, creating shared infrastructure (coworking space) for entrepreneurs and founders of small and medium size businesses, middle level corporate executives, freelancers and content creators through a shared cost model. This means we provide our users (individual or corporate) with world class office facilities and amenities at a fraction of the typical cost…

Our mission doesn’t end with providing workspace for the small businesses and entrepreneurs that call us home. We believe in empowering every business within our community with opportunities (Funds, Discounted Auxilary Services etc) within our network both far and near, because we want to be part of your success story. which makes working here extremely rewarding.

About 1776

At 1776, we know that startups can change the world and we’re building the global community to provide the intellectual, social, and financial capital to help them make that a reality.

We’ve purposely chosen challenging, government-dominated markets because our roots in Washington, DC give us proprietary connections, insights, and tools that can be used to drive massive scale revenue growth. The key to it all is connections and learning, which we curate through our global platform Union.

We connect our startups to the latest wisdom on how to build highly scalable businesses through our curriculum. To expert mentors who can help startups quickly solve problems. To markets through our institutional and corporate partners. To capital through our investor network and the 1776 Seed Fund. And to talent through our community relationships across the globe. Here are just a few different ways to join our global community:

About Revolution

Revolution invests in people and ideas that can change the world. Our mission is to build disruptive, innovative companies that offer more choice, convenience, and control for both consumers and businesses. We bring a unique approach to investing.We look for companies that are attacking large, traditional industries with innovative new products and services. Many existing industries are on the brink of disruptive change, driven by new technological possibilities and consumer psychographic trends. We aim to transform significant markets by leveraging technology and new approaches and in the process create massive value in our companies.


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