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Now more than ever, co-working spaces are all the rave. They are more affordable, full of enterprising professionals like you, and most are cooler and finer than traditional offices.

When you think about community, what comes to mind?

Community is beyond the walls and fine artworks a coworking space has to offer. Derived from the Latin communis, which means “things held in common,” community has been more broadly defined as organisms inhabiting a common environment and interacting with one another

When you wake up in the morning, the first few people you see; family, friends, colleagues, roommates are your community, your immediate community.

Then there is your extended community; the ones with which you rub minds, the people who weigh your business on an unbiased scale and tell you some entrepreneurial truths.

LeadSpace Community

“According to Global Coworking Survey, 96% of respondents cited community as the most important thing looked for in a coworking space. When asked what they liked most about their coworking space, 81% said it was the people as opposed to the location or price.” Source- Deskmag.

Coworking is a style of work that often times involve a shared office space, with provision of all your necessary office amenities whilst you focus on your work.

It involves people from diverse walks of life, morals, success quotients and mantra all in a big space co- working.

With Coworking, you really can’t do life alone. It is not just about the space or the people, it is in the tiny details, the happy hours, the day a start-up hits a merger, the contract signing, the big VC funding, the time a conversation with someone spurred an idea for an app.

People don’t just want to come to a shared space, all in the name of work; they also need FRIENDSHIP, COLLABORATION, GUIDANCE, LIKE MINDED PEOPLE and RESOURCE.

These are things that make all the difference between a traditional office space and a shared space,

When next you are out searching for a co working space to call home, endeavour to do your research and see that community is a priority with them too.



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