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Nigerians by default like to celebrate every single achievement either in a small or big scale.

When you think of planning a Nigerian wedding or a party, the first thing that comes to mind is showcasing the Nigerian culture with gorgeous Aso Ebi styles and flamboyant colors. Although the Aso-Ebi concept started from Nigeria, many African countries have started to embrace it.

“Aso-ebi makes your event colorful and gives guests a sense of belonging”

What is Aso ebi? It’s a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods. The purpose of wearing the dress can be to serve as self-identification with age mates, relatives or friends during social occasions or funerals. Affordability of fabrics such as Ankara has contributed to the popularity of uniform dressing for social occasions in Nigeria.

The rise of the Asoebi concept have made some physical market popular and can be overly crowded especially during certain periods of the year for example festive period. This period holds numerous events where people showcase their asoebi outfit, all these people visits the Balogun market or Idumota market to shop for fabrics, which in turn can make physical shopping stressful.

Some people are averse to physical shopping based on other reasons like poor negotiating skills, identifying quality products, logistics and/or busy schedule.

What if you don’t have to worry about all these, what would it feel like? – Says Kolade Keshinro the Founder of


Asoebi Signatures is an online fabric store positioned to redefine the fabric shopping experience around the world. Their objective is to make the life of their customers easier by taking away the stress associated with physical buying from a rowdy and crowded market while retaining all the benefits associated with the physical buying process.

They have brought together a wide range of fabric merchants on their online platform; delivering to their customers an incredible assortment of carefully selected fabrics: Ankara, Lace, Atiku, Adire, Guinea, George, Aso oke and much more in all the colors you want, including the rare shades in between. They have just about every fabric you’re looking for, you can be sure that there’s always something beautiful for every budget.


asobi online

With a strong resolve to deliver Convenience, Quality, and Variety; ensuring to meet customer’s specific fabric needs regardless of the diversity of their needs. You can start shopping for fabrics from the comfort of your home, offices and while in transit and take advantage of the 20% discount promotions on selected fabrics.

You get free delivery for orders within Lagos, with their super-fast delivery services. Customers outside of Lagos and overseas can also be a part of this experience.

Visit for all your asoebi fabrics, with over 10,000 styles and colours to choose from. Shop in style and convenience.

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