Ever heard of ghost workers? Not the type that government puts on payroll but does nothing, these ones are close relatives, just with a lot more work to show for it.

Has it ever happened that someone gave you his business card, and on it is an address to a very prestigious part of town or even a building, and you thought to yourself, how could he have acquired an office space on that side of town. Worry no more, the answer is simple – Virtual Office – the latest upgrade from traditional office space. Lemme just tell you ahead, in case you are looking to start a business, or you already have and are working from home, and it feels like all the weight of the world is on your head, detach and let us help you feel like a CEO that you are at a fraction of the cost.

There are a few myths about virtual office that I will like to dismiss right now,

Virtual offices are much more professional than restaurants and home offices. Some argue that virtual offices are not professional, quick question, would you rather have a meeting with a prospective investor in your home apartment, or a nearby restaurant with the aroma of food, more prevalent than the sound of your voice? which might not be as tasteful, compared to having it in a bespoke office space?

I can work from anywhere. Virtual office workers cannot do their job anytime, anywhere. Truth is no one can do any work whilst thinking about what to have for lunch, at a friend’s party, or during a full house family vacation. Virtual office workers absolutely must have a quiet home office space to work in. Successful virtual offices are populated by those who have dedicated resources and have the right mindset to allow them to do their job.

Now that we have established that, this is what a virtual office offers;


Virtual Address

One of the hiccups of starting a business is setting up, a virtual office affords you the luxury of a reputable office address, in this age and time where image is everything, a business address goes a long way in attesting to your professionalism and credibility. Many virtual office spaces that I know have addresses that ooze excellence and that is not even the best part. A good example is leadspace Yaba, when you check it out, you will understand all my grammar.


Virtual Receptionist


Along with the space comes a receptionist, a properly trained real life receptionist that doubles as your marketing manager, your legal PR, your company tour guide, your secretary. They are happy and willing to tell everyone about your business, they are your mouthpiece. Good news; they are a part of the package, this means you get them free of cost, no need to pay extra for them. No salary too.


Meeting Room

When you subscribe for a virtual office plan, you get a receptionist, a reputable office space, and you also get………wait for it………. FREE hours of meetings, you can come into the office space to hold meeting with your clients. Not only do you have a space that is topnotch, you also get to hold meetings there, how executive can it get? If your clients were not convinced before, this should clear the air.



When you need a message sent to your office space, the receptionist receives It on your behalf, mails are sorted and responded to. When people call to make enquiries, like we stated earlier, the receptionist sheds light on what you do to help the client be better acquainted to your brand.

With a virtual office plan, you can be rest assured that we will take care of all the heavy lifting, we will sort through your paperwork, speak with clients on your behalf, dress your business up nicely to make you look good in front of prospective clients, we will even throw in a hot cup of coffee, while you create the business of your dreams.

So, if you don’t want to pay a lump sum of money on getting a space that is bigger than you and you don’t need so many hours in the office, then do yourself a world of good and get on the winning team.


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