Productive tips you can adopt on your mobile device

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?

Take in the scent of the fresh morning dew ? Snooze the alarm and spend more time in the 16th century? Say a prayer? If you do any of these things, then I guess you are among the one percent that is still sane. Don’t get me wrong, phones are good, smartphones are a blessing, the way it saves a lot of stress and brain racking, thank God for smart phones.

Anyone who doesn’t reach for their phones first thing in the morning, even before opening your eyes, be the first to cast the stone. Whether to check the latest news, refresh your social media feeds, take an “en route work” selfie, put on a playlist for the shower (guilty as charged) or study an online devotional.

News flash, some people get paid to do what you’re doing for free.

Next time you want to capture your OOTD, think carefully, are you a fashion icon, a style blogger, or wardrobe stylist, if none of these describe you, you know what to do.

Now that we have established this, these are a few things you could do on your smartphone, next time you pick it up;

Research successful entrepreneurs, co-founders, founders.

As an entrepreneur or budding start-up, the onus is on you to check out every and any one that has achieved anything great or whose ship has sunk in the area you are about to explore. It is easy and quick to get information, thanks to the internet.

Maximize apps like personal assistant, saver apps

With the increased rates of work schedules, appointments, and meetings, apps like Personal Assistant help to save a ton of stress and make working look smart. Download them from google play store, iTunes or amazon.

Update your LinkedIn profile to get that professional makeover.

Rather than spend hours and useful data on Insta stories, take a few minutes to update your LinkedIn profile, you just might get that angel investor, or partnership you have been looking for.

Learn something new.

The internet is a big bank for everything, learning something new, as pertains to personal growth, entrepreneurship and business is very easy thanks to the internet.

webinars, live videos, Instastories, Facebook videos

To all my lovely friends who love visual learning and E-everything, this is for you. Learning from videos, DIY tutorials, free online courses and all forms of teaching to aid better understanding. This is where Instastories and Facebook videos come in handy.

These are a few of the things we have tried, which have you tried, has any of these been helpful?

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