Leadspace-Accounteer partnerhip

Leadspace in partnership with Accounteer.
Accounteer Helping African SMEs With Smart Cloud accounting.

Accounteer is an innovative online accounting platform for small businesses. Entrepreneurs can create invoices with ease, manage expenses and keep track of the performance of their business. They have both a web and mobile app that is specially designed for the African Market.

The mobile app is an hybrid solution that works both offline and online.
You can follow up on your finances from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real time with co-workers or an accountant.

With Accounteer you will professionalize your business, and lower the cost of administration. And with a 24/7 customer support system, you can not be left stranded using Accounteer.

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Leadspace​ community (members) get 33.3% discount when they subscribe to any of Accounteer’s 1-year plans

More About Accounteer​.

Accounteer is a fast-growing cloud accounting provider. The company currently serves 8,000 customers in 68 different countries and keeps expanding. Accounteer has offices in Lagos, Abuja, Cape Town and Brussels, and is looking to expand to Kenya and Ghana in the short term.

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