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Every business thrives on media and public relation because creation and delivery is a major part of a company’s message to it’s customers. We at Leadspace understand this and that is why we continuously search for opportunities not only to present our company on the map but every member of our coworking community, thereby fostering general business growth.

Leadspace is not a advert agency, not even close… but we understand that startup teams and growing businesses need media & PR services and so we have orchestrated partnerships with specialist in these areas to offer our community super awesome friendly services.

By using Leadspace you will have access to ad copy writers, media buying consultants, ad agencies, designers, journalist, SEO and social media consultants.  We help you get your idea known.

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Contact us at Leadspace to book a co-working space, meeting room or other ancillary services .

Leadspace isn’t just your regular workplace. There’s something about the atmosphere or perhaps it’s the community, either way, it’s one of the coolest places to really work and get things done.

Oyinkansola Sadiq-Mabeko
Head of Content, Starta Advisory

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