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Got a meeting with a key client? or do you have to rally your troop to higher performance via a crucial meeting? whatever your needs are, we have the meeting room for you at Leadspace.

Our meeting rooms are in highly conducive and  ready for use during working hours. Our conference rooms are also equipped with facilities for ease of use, fulfilling our clients meeting and event requirements.

All Leadspace meeting rooms are fully equipped with presentation gear like projection screens and flip-charts. Meeting rooms are also affordable or you even get free room time with a Leadspace membership.

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Contact us at Leadspace to book a co-working space, meeting room or other ancillary services .

Leadspace isn’t just your regular workplace. There’s something about the atmosphere or perhaps it’s the community, either way, it’s one of the coolest places to really work and get things done.

Oyinkansola Sadiq-Mabeko
Head of Content, Starta Advisory

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