The New Normal: Hybrid Work

The Covid 19 pandemic has heralded and shaped the world of work, which has remained ever-changing, and the Future of work has gone digital, with enterprises now embracing hybrid work arrangements.

What Does It Mean to Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is about adjusting to how teams function best and developing experiences that reach everyone, but it fundamentally refers to a working arrangement in which an employee spends some time at home or in another remote location and sometimes at work or at a central hub.  

According to Microsoft research,  employees want remote work alternatives to continue in some form. Two-thirds of business decision-makers are considering remodeling workplace facilities to better accommodate hybrid work.

Why Should Companies Use Hybrid Work?

  • Employees play to their strengths, resulting in increased production. You’ll be able to give team members who need to concentrate quietly at home and those who flourish in a community office environment the freedom to work where and when they want.
  •  Lower overhead costs because there are fewer workers in the office, businesses can save money on office expenses.
  •  Teams can avoid work burnout and promote well-being with the flexible work culture 

Organizations must be more adaptable to the new style of working, and here’s how to do it.

  • Team structure: This will aid teams in determining when to report to work while yet allowing for team bonding.
  • Create a Virtual Community: With the advancement of technology, teams can use virtual project management and communication tools to stay in touch even if they are not physically present. Checking in is simple and quick as a result of this. Instead of using these technologies solely to manage work duties, you can and should use them to create a digital community among your employees.

If you choose to work from home in a hybrid paradigm and finding it difficult to stay productive, we created this resource for you: How to be productive while working from home

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