Unveiling our New and Highly Functional Yaba Space for different types of Businesses

Did you know that with Leadspace you can cut down your overhead i.e Rent, power, internet, furniture etc by 30% and increase your bottom line by 10%? This is not a buzz line, it’s testimonials from our wonderful members. We believe we are not just in the business of providing office space, we help businesses grow which in turn as added to our own growth.

Yes, our growth in barely 16 months we’ve launched two different facilities Leadspace Yaba and Ojodu, plus the third one is just couple of months away!

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More about us

LeadSpace is an alternative commercial real estate business, creating shared infrastructure (coworking space) for entrepreneurs and founders of small and medium size businesses, middle level corporate executives, freelancers and content creators through a shared cost model. This means we provide our users (individual or corporate) with world class office space and amenities at a fraction of the typical cost…

Our mission doesn’t end with providing office space for the small businesses and entrepreneurs that call us home. We believe in empowering every business within our community with opportunities (Funds, Discounted Auxilary Services etc) within our network both far and near, because we want to be part of your success story. which makes working here extremely rewarding.


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