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Defining the Future of Application Development

Cloud computing delivers great benefits in terms of greater business agility and responsiveness, less risk, and lower costs, but realizing those benefits depends on the vendor you choose.

Organizations are embracing the cloud for its potential business transformational impact. Beyond just lowering up-front costs, the cloud promises to deliver greater business agility, so you can respond quickly to new business opportunities.

A cloud environment also delivers much greater flexibility as you can choose needed services from a service catalog. All of this frees your existing staff resources to focus on your business’ core competency and business innovation.

Oracle’s cloud strategy is to offer choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive, modern, and secure offering of cloud products and services for your business, IT infrastructure, and development needs.

No longer do you want your IT staff to be just running and maintaining systems in house, you want them to provide additional value to the business itself. You also want your developers to be more effective, efficient and productive, able to develop applications in a public cloud that can then be moved quickly and easily into your in-house private cloud for production deployment.

Furthermore, you want to meet the unique needs of your business with modern SaaS applications that can be tailored to the way you do business. In short, you want to deliver modern business in the cloud.

However, merely jumping on the cloud bandwagon doesn’t always produce the desired result. Many cloud offerings are specialized, offering limited functionality and lacking modern social and mobile capabilities.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud offers the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated public cloud, including data as a service(DaaS), software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Oracle Cloud offers modern, best-in-class business applications that deploy quickly and securely in the cloud. Oracle Cloud offers an integrated development and deployment platform that includes tools to:

Rapidly extend SaaS applications

Create new applications

Migrate existing applications to the cloud

Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services. These services are based on the World’s leading platform and infrastructure technologies, including Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalogic and enhanced with built-in identity management, high availability, backup, and monitoring to enable secure and scalable applications.

Oracle Cloud Data as a Service (DaaS)

Data is the connective tissue deriving unique intelligence from external sources to create unified actions across a broad set of systems and channels. In fact, data is emerging as the intelligence layer enriching the growing world of applications. Yet gaining the ability to access data and turn it into competitive advantage is a cumbersome process for many businesses. Oracle Cloud offers Oracle Data as a Service for Business (Oracle DaaS for Business) to help organizations leverage the growing volume and variety of external data.

Oracle DaaS provides a centralized way to source, manage, and furnish data to any business user in an immediately consumable format. The data is provided through a cloud service—connecting business users and applications to a rich set of information to inform business actions. Furthermore, Oracle DaaS takes a vendor-agnostic approach so that customers can activate the data in any application or engine of choice.

Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

Modern cloud applications from Oracle help you reimagine your business, your practices, and your experiences. Oracle Cloud offers a modern, comprehensive suite of integrated, best-in-class SaaS applications including HR Cloud, CX Cloud, ERP Cloud, EPM Cloud, SCM Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. With comprehensive functionality across business processes, customers can solve their business problems with end-to-end execution and complete visibility.

Each application is personalized, connected, and secure and comes with integrated social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help you deliver the experiences customers expect, the talent to succeed, and the performance the market demands. With a modern cloud like Oracle’s, there are no information silos or any need to coordinate software upgrades between vendors, integrate data, or manage security policies across multiple applications.

In Oracle Cloud, customer data is protected at every technology layer, from applications to disk.

In Oracle Cloud, customer data is protected at every technology layer, from applications to disk. Because Oracle designs and delivers every layer of the technology stack that our application services run on, we are uniquely able to optimize how all these systems work together. Your information is protected on a platform you can trust and never co-mingled with other customer data —for complete confidence in the cloud. This in turn delivers extreme performance and scalability that meet the requirements of even the largest and most transaction-intensive businesses.

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) is powered by the industry’s #1 database (Oracle Database) and #1 cloud application server (Oracle WebLogic Server). Oracle engineers use this platform to build Oracle’s SaaS applications. By providing the same cloud platform to our customers, Oracle is enabling unique advantages to application developers including faster development of new applications as well as richer SaaS extensions plus the ability to move application code between Oracle Cloud and on-premises with no code changes.

Oracle Cloud PaaS is based upon industry standards including SQL, Java, and HTML5, and embraces design principles that enable self-service, ease of use, scalability, and elasticity.

The same set of technologies drive Oracle’s private and public PaaS offerings, enabling applications running on a customer’s private PaaS in their own data center to be easily and quickly migrated to the public PaaS in the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Oracle Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers a set of core infrastructure capabilities to provide businesses the ability to run any workload in the cloud.

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